Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP treatments involve a three step process. First your blood will be drawn or collected. Second the blood will be spun in order to separate the plasma portion from your blood to be used for the treatment. Lastly, the plasma is injected in the area of concern.

PRP for hair loss is injected directly into the scalp where there is a need for increased hair growth. Using your body’s own cells will encourage hair follicle stimulation. Treatments vary per individual and will typically require a series of 3 treatments 4-6 weeks apart for noticeable results.

PRP injections are also used to treat pain and inflammation in joints through this same process. Injecting your body’s own cells back into an affected area will stimulate new cell growth and will allow your body to naturally heal itself.

PRP injections – $300 per treatment

PRP Hair treatment – varies