LED Light Therapy

LED light therapies may be done alone or in combination following most esthetic treatments to maximize your results. Light therapy penetrates the skin tissue at different wavelengths depending on the color of light resulting in the release of energy, increased production of collagen and lymphatic system activity all rejuvenating your skin.
LED lighting does not contain any UV rays so your skin will not burn, nor will you increase your risk for skin cancers.
Typical sessions last 15-20 minutes under the light. We offer red, blue, green, and yellow light therapies.

Red light therapy: Increases collagen production, restores cell function, provides essential energy for cellular renewal, nutrition and removal of waste material.
Blue light therapy: Destroys p-acne bacteria, minimizes redness and irritation, and calms the skin which is effective for hypersensitivity.
Green light therapy: Regulates melanin production, reduces and balances pigmentation, reduces redness, and speeds up healing processes which may lighten scarring.
Yellow light therapy: Activates toxin elimination, improves decongestion, and stimulates lymphocyte production.

LED Light Therapy – $25